Bakerman is baking bread

The Makers Unie Zoetermeer asked me to develop a productset that fits within their social thoughts to promote craftsmanship. Together with the baker's shop 'De Bakkerswinkel' they want to draw attention to a sustainable way of baking bread; throughout the whole process nothing is wasted. Inspired by the original baker's uniform the result of my design is a gift wrapping for the bakeware that turns to be a multi-purpose cloth: also useable as an apron, a potholder and breadbasket. A great way of showing how my approach works well to contribute to the brand identity of the Makers Unie and De Bakkerswinkel in the look & feel of the design as well as the concept and idea behind it.

Styling fairbooth at Maison&Object Paris

The furniture company Authentic Models asked me to restyle their booth for the Maison & Object fair in Paris and translate this new design also for their smaller trade fair participations in Frankfurt and Birmingham. As a first step of a rejuvenation process of their brand I have proposed new (brand) colours for the walls and wallpaper. Also, I have grouped the collection pieces and reduced the number of items to be shown considerably, compared to their previous trade fairs, so each product would get more attention in a more tranquil atmosphere.
I have convinced the customer by creating a booth with an attractive and stylish appearance and new surprising compositions with their products. The result got many positive comments from visitors and a good sales figures.

Concept development for new bedding brand

Last November 2015, Hilding Anders launched the new bedding brand Eastborn Urban during the International Furniture Fair Brussels. I am very proud to have helped to develop the brand identity by making an industry specific trend research with recommendations for colour, details and overall look & feel. Successively, as a stylist I gave important input to all following steps in the design process up to the in-store presentation.

Eastborn Urban is Eastborn’s response to the current box spring trend with more outspoken and integrated designs. Eastborn Urban has a diagonal lining, to make it more light and elegant. The box spring is more organic, both headboard and legs seem integrated with the box. It's more a connected concept than the usual box spring, which sometimes looks like Lego blocks: two blocks on top of each other and one at the head-end.

In line with the concept to give the box spring a sporty, fashionable and energetic look, I took part in the design of the mattress ticking, headboard, night stand and the two-tone fabric collection. I also was responsible of the design of the retail presentation with a collection book and a life-sized photography.


Retail styling

For the new high end box-spring brand Sand I composed POS packages for their 30 stores.
The brand is all about craftsmanship and wellness and combines healthy and natural materials. For the luxury feel, the different packages combine beautiful wallpapers with some nice details like bamboo, pottery and rattan.

The styling packages were first shown at the fair 'Hollandsch Slapen' in Utrecht, and later this year at the Furniture Fair Brussels. At the booth in Brussels I was again responsible for the complete styling of the 'Hilding Anders Experience'. Watch the video here:

Masterclass at Boisbuchet

Last summer I had the privilege to follow a masterclass by the Korean designer Chang Eung Bok (Mono Collection) at Domaine de Boisbuchet. With a group of international designers from over the world I worked on a large 'Pagoda'. In this video you can see us building it. The season’s overall motto was 'design and the community' and because I worked so closely with other designers originating from Asia, I called my patchwork-part the 'conversation piece'. It resembles our common style and taste with a repeating pattern. In the Pagoda it worked beautifully as it almost looked like stained glass.

Travel to Trento

My 'Time Travel' collection has been selected for the Open Design Italy 2015 as one of the three Dutch entries, supported by the Dutch Embassy in Rome.

The Time Travel collection consists of a series of digitally printed Interior fabrics and several woven tiebacks and trimmings. Everything is available on order.
Open Design Italy is an international contest and exhibition dedicated to self-produced and small series design. The jury chooses products with a high narrative value and a short production chain. My collection is also noticed by the jury because of originality and innovation, functionality, aesthetic quality, used technology and the sustainability aspect of the production method. Wish me good luck!

The exhibition takes place in Trento (Italy) from 29-31 May. For more information check out:

Brandexperience in Brussels

For the bedding company Hilding Anders I am responsible for the styling of their booth at the Furniture Fair Brussels. I created different worlds of brand-experiences, in line with current trends with an emphasis on health, relaxation and luxury. I also designed and executed several walls to show the swatches of the fabric collections of the various brands. This eye-catching presentation also contributed to the intended atmosphere and brand experience.

Exploring manual way of working for Textile Festival Analog2014

For my new cheerful series 'SunMoon' I experimented with different techniques to create new surface designs and fabrics. Due to the 40th anniversary of the 'Grafische Werkplaats' in The Hague I was invited to take part in a master class of the print specialist Daniel Henry. He combines innovation with respect for tradition and works for Chanel, Nina Ricci and Rochas. I have well exploited the possibilities of the manual way of working he showed during some summer sessions. Read also my blog post on Stylink (sorry Dutch only) about my process. This resulted in a series consisting of several 3 meter high decorative textiles (without repeat) and some large pillows of 65x65 cm. I combined a special screen-printing technique, with coatings, shrinkage, dyeing and layering different fabric qualities. The textiles are for sale and part of the Analog2014 Festival in The Hague from 6 to 26 September. Analog2014 takes place in various locations in the Hague, see

My work is on display at Studio 40.

Studio 40 address: Noordeinde 85, The Hague (
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 10:30-17:30h Saturday 10:30-17:00h
and on Sunday September 7th (because of the 'Uitfestival' in the Hague).

Time Travel present at Zona Tortona Milano

It was a great week in Milan! Very positive feedback on the collection and on the way I presented it. The many interesting talks with designers, interior architects, retail developers and stylist indicated that my work has an international allure. Also a lot of consumers really liked the fabrics of the 'Time Travel' collection. Trimmings and tiebacks have now been added to range of the interior textiles. 

Want to see the video I made of this exhibition?  Click here.

Autre Choix at Milan Design Week

With great enthusiasm I would like to invite you for the presentation of my work during the Salone Internationale del Mobile. My work is part of the exhibition 'Meet & Matter' of Tuttobene, who selected twenty new Dutch design talents for this. An excellent opportunity to show a complete concept for interior design and how I built a total experience.

I'm presenting my collection Time travel that I now extended with not only curtains but also with upholstery fabrics, blankets and several tiebacks and trimmings. The selected interior textiles can be delivered on request are suitable for the project market.

Meet & Matter
8 - 13 April 2014
Address: Via Tortona 31, Milan
Opening hours: daily from 10.00 until 19.00 h

Exhibition at Toonkamer Utrecht

Currently I exhibit a collection of curtain fabrics at the Designs Platform at De Toonkamer in Utrecht, Netherlands. The textiles  are available as digital print on a high quality semi translucent Trevira fabric (fire retardant). The collection consists of 7 different designs in several color ways. Prices on request.

For opening hours see:

Styling at Brussels Furniture Fair

For The International Brussels Furniture Fair, I developed the interior of the exhibition booth for Hilding Anders, starting with concept development to actual on site execution. For every brand a moodboard specified the styling elements that connects to the specific target audience and brand appeal. Accessories and bedding textiles that matched with these styling elements were selected for the interior of the exhibition booth.

Positive reaction to Dutch Design Week

Approximately 250.000 people have visited the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven from October 19 until October 27 2013. The presentation of a fabric collection transformed into pillows was well received amongst the audience. The tale of the sleeping hare was transferred  into the surface designs on the pillows, which led to enthusiastic feedback and a lot of interesting discussions. The canvas and velvet pillows are available in sizes 60x40 cm and 65x65 cm and can be produced on request.

Exhibion at Klokgebouw during Dutch Design Week

During the 12th Dutch Design Week, I will present a collection of surface designs which are inspired by romance, folklore, fairy tales and a desire for nature. The sleeping Hare is a story which fits perfectly in this trend and is known all over the world in multiple variations. Different elements of this tale come together in the surface designs, which are transformed into cushions
The work is part of the exhibition in the main hall of the Dutch Design Week and is curated by Organisation in Design.

Opening hours: 19 - 27 October, daily 11.00 - 18.00 h
Address: Klokgebouw 50 (Strijp-S), 5617 AB Eindhoven
For more information see:

The cushions can be delivered on demand. Prices on request.

Suface designs on display at Home Trade Center

During the Home & Interior Fair in Nieuwegein I present my first collection.
In a vacant booth of 100m2 on the second floor, I'm very pleased to be able to build a pop-up exhibition and show my work. Many thanks to the organisation and participating companies to make this happen. You're all most welcome to pay a visit 8-13 September 2013. 

Address: Home Trade Center, Symfonielaan 1, 3438 EW Nieuwegein
Booth: 2C081 (2d floor)

Stylish Orange fever

Do you also want to express your love of “Oranje” on April 30 (or afterwards) in a original and fashionable way?
For the special occasion of the coronation of our new king, you can download the “Willem and Maxima” dessin here.
Print and tape the dessin on your flag, on your dress, use it to decorate your stall, bicycle or even your homemade muffins. It would be great if you would mail me your result to 

Have fun!

Window-shopping Route at Dutch Design Week

My work is on display at the Design Window-shopping Route in Eindhoven 20-28 October 2012.

Address: Vrijstraat 26 (at the Purdey Shop).
click here for more information about the whole route.

Styling for Extrema Event

For the Extrema Outdoor Event I have made a proposal to decorate the Press Area on the festival grounds. Starting from a mood board based on the dance minded target audience, I came up with a interior styling concept for a tent where the floor, wall and all furniture were all covered by a very expressive design. As an inspiration, I used an ornament which was in the shape of a flower. Brightly coloured stripes and flowers make the floor, walls and furniture, fluidise in to each other in a whirl of colours and shapes.

Eventstyling for Theatre Walhalla

To extend your holidays with an day extra, who doesn’t want that… That’s just what the people in Katendrecht have been done for years already. They celebrates the holidays with the “Welcome home” festival where you can enjoy the sun, listen to music, see theatre performances and grab a bite in one of the many food stalls. I have been responsible for the styling of this local festival for a few years already. Welcome Home takes place on Deliplein in Katendrecht, Rotterdam and is organised by Theatre Walhalla.

Styling and editioral work

QPQ magazine highlights “new entrepreneurship” in various ways. My contribution for this magazine is an editorial about sustainable products. I am always on the lookout for new, innovative, ecological, recyclable, social, inspiring and of course the most stylish products that people can use in favour of a better world. Many products are already available in shops, others are still being developed.