I can't live in a living room

My graduation project at Artemis Styling Academy (with honors) was all about the importance of the life-style 'travelling light'. What do we really need? For the bicycle brand Johnny Loco I made a proposal for a bag / basket as if it were a portable home... with functions including a seat, a coffee break, and a lamp to feel safe. The styling derived from the theme 'Travelling Carnival' with a matching booth and photography for a publicity campaign.

Sharing food is a gift

For the department store Vroom & Dreesmann I suggested to treat their products at the cooking / dining department as 'Gifts' and put them on instore display accordingly. This could open an new opportunity to extend the existing product range, with products that fit into the different themes.

Jungle and Soul in fashionable Africa

African textiles are often presumed as wax-prints, which in fact are often not really African originated. At the same time products from Europe are appreciated for their quality. The client asked me to develop a concept for interior textiles for the African market that does more justice to African heritage, but still with a western touch.

Discoveries from earth

Styling concept for new interior product collection intended as input for the buying department of Riviera Maison. Starting point for this pitch was the renewed attention for the wealth of our earth, with raw and honest materials