Time Travel

The collection 'Time travel' is a complete interior concepts and consists of eight different designs in several color ways, together with trimmings and tiebacks. The elegant and futuristic surface designs are inspired by the abstract and atmospheric images of acceleration and technology and portray a new sort of space-age. The large graphic surface designs make the collection fit for interiors with high ceilings. The selected high quality semi-translucent curtain and weatherproof upholsetry fabrics are suitable for the project market. By choosing for digital printing technique, orders can be produced on demand.

Sleeping Hare

This collection is inspired on new romantics, folk tales and a desire for nature. 'The sleeping hare...' is a tale which exists all over the world in a large variety of versions. Elements from this story come together in these designs, transformed into a series of inspiring canvas and velvet cushions. Production on request.


These trendy cushions with a modern fifties sunset feeling I designed for the summer season.

If you are interested to see more designs, please don't hesitate to contact me.